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This Week in Porn: Duke Nudem Boobies, Good Vibes Film Festival and Marey Carey for Governor

Sadly, this is the last Week in Porn the fabulous fans of Zzinsider will read from Jacob Carson. It's been great and I have had a lot of fun writing for you guys! Alright, enough of this mushy st

ASM Unveils Highly Anticipated Trailer for Alice XXX Cartoon Parody

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of CGI, Adult Source Media reveals the official trailer for their highly anticipated 3D CGI film, Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Animation Parody. The a

Allie Haze to Star As the New Emmanuelle

Porn star Allie Haze has been tapped to play the new generation of Emmanuelle in nine new films. I remember being a young man staying up late and watching Emmanuelle on Skinamax... I learned a lo

Playboy Bunnies Coming to a T.V. Near You!

Remember when the actors in the upcoming show "The Playboy Club" were all asked to sign an unheard of nudity clause in their contracts, stating that they would have the option of approving or decli

Ashley Blue’s Pubic Hair Book

It’s safe to say that Ashley Blue is bearing all in a limited run of her new book "Girlvert: A Porn Memoir." This limited edition memoir will cost you a cool $200 and has a run of o

This Week in Porn: Chelsea Charms Boobies, Sexy Cora’s grave and Naughty Teddies

This week, parents were shocked when they turned on their morning television and got a heaping helping of Chelsea Charms mega mammaries while an adult shop isn’t too sexy for a town’s

Basketball Leads to Fake Orgasms, Atheism and Jail

You know things are getting bad when you can’t fake an orgasm in your own home without going to jail. Good thing they don’t know my wife, she fakes it about three times week.

Sunny Lane BJ Class

Sunny Lane is more than just a pretty face, perky breasts, amazing ass…sorry, got side tracked…she’s also got a brain. The porn starlet is teaching eager women how to orally p

A Little Fucksaw Goes A Long Way

Earlier Olive wrote about a professor at Northwestern University that let a human sexuality class get a little too hands on, with an after class demonstration about human arousal.  The univers

Sierra Sanchez Avoids Jail Time for Escort Service Work

Former porn star, Sierra Sanchez, avoided jail time by convincing a judge she turned over a new leaf since being punished for participating in one of the nation’s largest prostitution rings

Ths Week in Porn: Pornstar Memoirs and Porn in Government

Epic porn star, Janine, tells her side of the Jesse James story and the clergy come out in droves for the closing of a popular California porn store. I guess they wanted to exorcise…or maybe

Kansas Finally Gets it Right

Strippers of the world unite! Kansas will remain a wet crotch state after a bill to severely limit adult entertainers died in committee.

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