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ZZ Photo Dump: Pornstars with Animals

It’s hard to believe, but some days there is absolutely nothing to write about when it comes to the porn world. On days like this, what is a porn blogger to do?

PETA to Launch .xxx Site to Help the Animals

While many companies scramble to buy the rights of their trademarks to block others from using them in front of the .xxx domain, one group has decided to welcome the triple X conundrum wi

Melezza River Infested with Granny Orgies

When granny says she spent her day down by the river, visions of beautiful duck feeding tableaux's fill my head. Unfortunately, for the fisherman of the Melezza River in Cantion Ticino a.k.a &ldq

Boo Ya Pictures: Ron Jeremy’s School of Harmonica

Visionary, Legend, Harmonica player. These are all words you can use to describe the insatiable porn legend Ron Jeremy.

ZZinsider Presents: Sexual Harassment and You

We here at ZZinsider take sexual harassment very seriously, but since we’re in the pornography business we also know how to joke about it too.  Seriously, we all watch and share porn l

Australian Airline Opts for an Orgasmic In-Flight Film

While the rest of the jet setting world has to sit through awful re-runs of The King of Queens and straight to DVD films like Labor Pains, Quantas Airlines’ from Australia is serving up a h

At Home With Bridgette B.

Come see what this gorgeous pornstar has in her home.

Child’s Tow Truck is Accidentally Sexy

No, this isn’t an article about an embarrassing trip to the doctor’s to fish out a child’s toy out of someone’s butt; it’s about something way funnier than that.

Francesca Le Interviews Chloe Reece Ryder

Once in a blue moon we are able to catch two girls on set and luckily for you guys, it was two fan favorites; Francesca Le and Chloe Reece Ryder!

Ex-Football Star’s Daughter Caught Shooting Porn for Mofos

A certain football player may need to re-introduce his quarterback skills into his life because it seems that this retired Football player will not only have to fight off the boys knocking at his

Grow Chillies that Look like Penises!

I may be going out on a limb here but I think gardening is one of the most boring things you can do. Sure, I dabble in growing the odd herb (dill & basil you stoner) but I’ve never grown

April O’Neil Dominates Adultcon

We were so lucky to have the incredibly gorgeous and adorably geeky April O’Neil to cover Adultcon in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago.

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