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Just When You Thought Your Vagina Was Safe

Since the public had an overwhelming  (and suprisingly) positive response to the Northwestern University live sex toy demonstration, Los Angeles fetish retailer decided to offer

Facebook Hates Sexy Things

While Facebook continues their anti-sexiness tirade taking down any boob, pornstar and vagina in sight, an spin-off site called is causing them to re-think addi

Florida Reminds You Why Wherever You Live Sucks

Don't live in the sunny state? Well you suck then.Our writer Richard gives us three reasons why Florida is kicking your state in the balls.

The Battle to Cover Your Cock Begins

For centuries penis protector gods like Trojan, Durex and Lifestyle have been on top of the condom game and it came as a suprise to us when we found out that there are infact other condom makers ou

Elegant Angel’s Top 10 Sexiest Asses in Porn

Everyone loves a good list, especially if that list has to do with porn stars. Even more so if that list has to do with the nice assess attached to said porn stars. That’s why I’m thril

Men Think They Look Better After Sex

Researchers followed 100 virgin college students for 18 months. The study found that in the short term, the men who lost their virginity during the period were more satisfied with their body imag

The STD: Bad News Now Available in Good News Format

E-card company helps you break the STD news a little more creatively with electronic cards. The e-cards direct recipients to clinics if they are living in roughly 10 partnered cities affiliated wi

Size Matters: But to Men More than Women

A recent study has shown that 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s size compared to only 55% of men satisfied with their own size.

Canadians Happy to Serve Your Gangbang Needs

Sources tell our writer Richard that there is a magical place in Canada where people can get their freak on, specializing in fulfilling the gangbang fantasies of women.

Girls Gone Claims Court

Remember the good old days when you could purchase a VHS tape filled with semi nude girls flashing you? Joe Francis, is currently facing a lawsuit from a foursome, which I believe is a quartet, of

Feminist Go Erotic in 2011

Contrary to what James Brown might have told your father, this is not a man’s world. Women rule. Especially at the upcoming Feminist Porn Awards.

Is Porn Becoming too Easy?

While many of us blindly revel in the fact that there is so much porn to choose from nowadays, Richard decides to stop for a moment to reflect on the now endless world of pornography we all take fo

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