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Sex with Keiran and Vanilla: Round 6

This week Kieran and Vanilla answer the age old question: how do pornstars do it? And finally, does size matter?

Mugz’ “Lonely Girl” Official Trailer

The official trailer comes with a side of pornstars! Just when we thought the video couldn't get any better...

Porn Goes Glee with Musical

FInally, a tribute to porn we can sing along with.

Mr Skins Anatomy Awards

We're fans of any type of nudity so when we heard Mr. Skins was holding their 12 Annual Anatomy Awards with all kinds of celebrity nudity, we couldn't wait to check out the contenders.

Mason Moore and Bree Olson Twitter-Off

We investigate Bree Olson and Mason Moore’s Twitter accounts to find out who is the queen of Twitter filth. You may be surprised by the answer.

They’re Multiplying! More Charlie Sheen Pornstars are Born

Two more pornstars are named in Charlie's cocaine/porn/alcohol bender. This is like Russian nesting dolls.

Charlie Sheen`s Latest Pornstar Bender, We Gotta Meet this Guy

Because it`s not a Thursday without a Charlie Sheen scandal. This time it comes with a trip to the hospital.

Before They Were Pornstars: Juelz Ventura

Juelz Ventura as a sweet and innocent blonde? We didn’t believe it either. But now we have the pictures to prove it.

Sex With Keiran and Vanilla: Round 5

Sex experts Keiran and Vanilla sound off on having sex like a pornstar and how to give the best blowjobs.

Keiran Goes to the AVN

Couldn’t make it to this year’s AVN? We take to the floor of the world’s hottest porn show. There's new boobs, slapped butts and even Ron Jeremy.

Top 11 Charlie Sheen Pornstar Conquests

It’s not easy keeping up with Charlie Sheen’s trail of pornstars. But we did it!

UPDATE: Bree Olson Also with Pauly Shore

Bree Olson cuddling with Pauly Shore at the AVN. Charlie Sheen nowhere to be seen.

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