Indies: Camille Crimson

Camille Crimson
  • April 4, 1975
  • Montreal, Canada
  • 120 lbs
  • 5'5
  • 36D-26-36

Camille is one indie babe to keep your eye on! WIth her all natural curves, and gorgeous red hair, she's hard to miss in the crowd. But what really sets the "Queen of Blowjobs" apart from the other girls, is her commitment to not only starring in, but also producing, original porn dedicated to the fine craftsmanship of sucking cock. In her own words, Camille says;

I really want to show the world that porn can be beautiful, that giving pleasure is a joyful thing and that connection can make the most amazing sex possible. 

Camille entered the Adult Industry a few years back with the unveiling of “The Art of Blowjob,” a website that she created and maintains. She is both the beauty and the brains behind the operation. Her background in web design and coding gave her the skills to showcase her sexy scenes on the World Wide Web, but it was her innate creativity and artistry that leant her the vision and inspiration.

Camille's current interests include cooking, motorcycling, and making music. By her own account, she’s a homebody, who can frequently be found in the kitchen creating a meal, or chilling with her man and a movie. This seductive starlet is multi-faceted, and her allure merely begins with her luscious lips. The full extent of Camille's appeal is still in the making, with future plans to help other people make beautiful porn and amazing, sexy sites.


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