: Cytherea

  • September 27, 1981
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 32D-23-33
  • 5'3
  • 104 lbs
  • Well, we've measured it [how far she quirts], it was up to 12 feet, but I can guarantee you I've gone past that.

Goddess of Gush. Squirtwoman. Dame of Discharge.  No matter which epithet you use to describe Cytherea, the fact remains that this cum-queen’s biggest claim to fame is her explosive liquid orgasms.

Titling herself after an aspect of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, Cytherea bursts with beauty and seductive powers that befit her moniker.  She emerged on the porn scene as a tight taught teen and has re-appeared recently after an extended absence as a MILF to be reckoned with.

Cytherea was invited into the porn world by an adult modeling agency who saw and loved the pics she posted of herself on her own Yahoo group. As her career commenced, Cytherea’s squirting powers launched her through the ranks and she established a name for herself that landed her extensive filming opportunities.

Prior to becoming the pornstar that she is today, Cytherea was an exotic dancer. In high school she was the ugly-duckling who became a sexy swan, swooping in and stealing the hearts of all the popular boys. She became a cheerleader, and her favorite class was shop, where she could be the only girl hanging with the boys.

When Cytherea isn’t feverishly working to forward her career, she enjoys some downtime with a movie, or taking a long luxurious nap.

As she revamps her career, Cytherea is sure to rekindle the hearts of old fans, and win the hearts of new ones. 


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    thank you brazzers ,,,, please can you make stormy daniels movie ,,, she is the best ,