Meat Market: John Anthony

John Anthony
  • August 17, 1987
  • Queens, New York
  • 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
  • 155 lbs (70.5 kg)

“Conquer your fears and you will conquer death.”

It’s no wonder that John Anthony’s favourite quote embodies his fearless, take no prisoners personality.  This industry up and comer has managed to move past a troubled childhood and into the spotlight with determination and perseverance.

At the age of three John’s parents separated and he moved back to Columbia with his mother.  Seven years later they decided to try their luck back in Miami. They moved to a lower middle class neighbourhood that was heavily populated by gangs, drugs and crime. John quickly learned that in order to survive he would have to join a gang. It took years of getting into trouble to realize that he would have to make a change. Turning to his love of art and music, John was finally able to stay away from the streets.  

Motivated by money and fame, John used his personal connections to enter the business. Always working, whether it’s one of his many scenes, MMA training, writing or singing; John is at his best when pushing himself.  His passion for women is obvious in front of the camera as is his ambition. We’re sure the adult world will be seeing a lot more of John Anthony.


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