ZZ Babes: Lela Star

Lela Star
  • June 13, 1985
  • Miami
  • 34C-25-32
  • 5 feet, 1 ft in (1.52m)
  • 83 lbs (38lb (38kg)

The stunningly beautiful Lela Star may only be 26 but has already starred in over 100 porn scenes! Discovered by agent Jim South in Miami Florida, Lela made her big debut in Hustler’s Barely Legal 18th Birthday.

Like many other girls looking to kick start life in the adult industry, Lela moved to LA to pursue her career full time. Listing ballet, horseback riding snowboarding and tanning as some of her favourite things to do in her of time, this petite Latin firecracker can make any boy melt with her down to earth attitude and drop dead sexy body.  If her extracurricular activities weren’t enough of a turn on, Lela states on her MySpace page that she loves everything from Nine Inch Nails to Kanye West. Gotta love a girl who has an eclectic taste in music and is a freak in the bed!

  • 2007 Adam Film World Guide Award - Best Latin Starlet
  • 2007 Night Moves Awards nominee - Best New Starlet
  • 2010 AVN Award nominee – Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene – Not Monday Night Football XXX
  • 2011 AVN Award nominee – Best Group Sex Scene – Out Numbered 5

NSFW: Click here to see Lela Starr in action at Brazzers.


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