ZZ Babes: Sabrina Maree

Sabrina Maree
  • March 29, 1987
  • Sacramento, CA
  • 34D-26-36
  • 5" 4' (5.3 ft)
  • (110 lbs) 50 kg

Born and raised in California, the gorgeous Sabrina Maree began her life acting out many of our fantasies by attending a private Catholic all-girls school. (Can you picture it?)  

Entering the industry at 19 while working at Hooters and going to school, an ex-boyfriend suggested she attended the Playboy casting call that was in the area. Obviously she made the top 10 for that city, and was called back to shoot 2 months later.

Shooting 5 pictorials for Playboy, landing Special Editions, appearing on Playboy.com as well as their sister sites, Sabrina quit Hooters and started working for a company that employed webcam girls and developed adult dating sites. After watching girls get off on cam all day, Sabrina decided to ditch the "real job" and go into modeling full-time.

Sabrina started doing solo scenes for people like Tammy Sands, Holly Randall, and Stephan Hicks, and in Feburary 2010 shot her first g/g scene…  A hardcore one right off the bat!  She had been offered a contract to do b/g with New Sensations, but says she doesn’t feel that's something she will ever do. Sabrina was named Penthouse Pet in December 2010, and was Twisty's Treat that same month becoming the first model to get both at the same time.

Penthouse/Topco are releasing a line of Sabrina Maree sex toys, hoping come out Janurary 2012. Sabrina is still in college, and has recently been awarded a full-ride scholarship.


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