Indies: Sovereign Syre

Sovereign Syre
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 34D-26-40
  • 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
  • 135 lbs (61.4 kg)

“Some girls have  "no" lists, I have a very short "yes" list...but I look forward to expanding it.”

The adult world has been waiting for someone like Sovereign Syre. Breathtakingly beautiful, dripping in sensuality and blessed with a silver tongue, Sovereign may turn the adult industry on its head.

Only six months ago Sovereign uploaded a personal masturbation video to a tube site for photographer JM Darling. Two months later the indie art video was picked up by Fleshbot and has already garnered nearly 250 thousand views.

Sovereign’s journey began a little over a year ago when a photographer in Seattle saw her immense erotic potential and advised her to apply as a suicide girl.

“I’d been told I should pose for Playboy or Penthouse my whole life, but I was always so focused on school I never really considered it.  After all, I didn't want to be one of those girls who confused a pickup line with career advice.” 

Finally curious enough to take the plunge the stunning brunette contacted two major studios, both of which were interested. In the end Sovereign chose to first shoot with.  JM Darling, the photographer assigned to Sovereign, was quickly convinced of her star potential and recommended she focus on being an erotic model. With only a book of the best erotic photographers in hand, Sovereign contacted ones in New York and has since shot with some of the biggest names in the industry.

“I’ve never wanted to be pornstar per say, I never thought of myself as someone people would want to watch have sex.  I've mainly been interested in representing the types of sexuality and themes that I found lacking in existing pornography.  I think of my work as documenting explicit beauty.  Nothing has surprised me more than the fact that I keep getting work and have gained any attention whatsoever. “

Together with JM Darling, the two have started a collective of eroticists and artists called Darling House.  Over the next few months they'll be documenting the making of their art and the BTS action of their respective processes.  It's essentially a site where 24/7 material is being streamed from her flat in Manhattan as people shoot naked girls, film dirty movies, interview each other, and hold salons. 

Garnering major attention from the adult industry, Sovereign has already been approached by numerous studios.  Important for her to feel not only genuine attraction to her partner but also engage in themes where she feels genuinely aroused, this sex bomb is currently in discussion with Sweetheart video for her first ‘adult’ scene.

We are convinced this is one woman with a superstar career before her.

Sovereign keeps a blog about her experiences as an erotic model, which you can see here: She was also featured in the 2011 NYC Sex Bloggers calendar. Along with JM Darling she has written and directed several graphic/erotic shorts.


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