: Sunny Lane

Sunny Lane
  • March 02, 1980
  • Georgia
  • 34C-24-34
  • 5 feet, 0 ft in (1.52m)
  • 110 lbs (5lb (50kg)

Before she was melting our hearts with her gorgeous body and wild sex antics, Sunny Lane was the smart, bubbly and friendly girl in school. Born in Georgia and raised in Florida by her mother and father, Shelby and Mike, two air-freight workers, sunny not only excelled at school from an early age, but was also incredibly gifted when it came to figure skating and roller skating. Spending endless nights training, Sunny and her parents had hoped that one day she would be a figure skater in the Olympics but, was in a car accident which thwarted her dreams of becoming an ice bunny.


Still craving the spotlight, Sunny began working as a yoga and pilates instructor where she began dancing at a Déjà vu Gentlemen’s Club in Tampa Florida at the urging of the Tampa Bay Lighting NHL Ice Hockey Team. Unsurprisingly, Sunny Lane became a huge sensation at the gentlemen’s club and was hailed the Showgirl of the Year in 2004. Through her erotic dancing career, Sunny became friends with Ron Jeremy and Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof where she’s worked at various times throughout her career and, in 2005, was invited to attend the AVN Awards Ceremony where she would eventually meet an agent from Playboy.


After the AVN, Sunny Lane began her career as a porn star in the adult industry shooting for sites like Elegant Angel and Brazzers. What makes Sunny Lane different from many girls in the industry is the fact that her career is supported and managed by her parents whom she still lives with. They have even gone as far as viewing her videos to offer evaluations of her performance. Sunny says that their free thinking and open mindedness of her career choices makes her feel more comfortable in the adult industry.


Sunny Lane has also appeared in many mainstream programs including HBO’s infamous reality television show ‘Cathouse’, FOX reality series ‘My Bare Lady’, and an episode of The Outsiders. Sunny is also a frequent voice heard on Playboy Radio.


Booble Girl of the Year! Sep 2009
2009 Booble Girl of the Month Award – May (voted by fans)
2009 AVN Best Anal Scene “Big Wet Asses #13” by Elegant Angel
2009 Dr. Jay’s Top Girls to See in 2009
2008 Déjà vu Contract Feature Dancer
2008 Club Int’l Top 10 in Porn #7
2008 Genesis Porn’s Hot 1oo List #33
2008 Nightmoves Best Feature Dancer Fans Choice
2008 Nightmoves Best All Sex Gonzo Rel “Big Wet Asses #13”
2008 AVN Best POV Scene “Goo Girls #26” by Rodnievision
2007 Nightmoves Miss Congeniality
2007 Adultcon Awards Best Actress in intercourse w/Jules Jordan
2007 Genesis Porn’s Hot 100 List #22
2007 Adam Adult Film World Actress of the Year Sex Pix
2007 ROG Reviews Performer of the Year
2006 KSEX Radio  Best Badonkadonk in the House
2006 Nightmoves  Miss Congeniality
2006 AEBN VOD Awards Newcomer
2005 Nightmoves Best New Starlet Editor’s Choice
2005 Nightmoves Calendar Cover Girl
2004 Déjà Vu Local Showgirl of the Year

NSFW: Click here to see Sunny Lane in action at Brazzers.


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