ZZ Babes: Veronica Rayne

Veronica Rayne
  • November 29, 1976
  • Newbury Port, MA
  • 34DD-24-31
  • 5 ft 4 in (1.52m)
  • 114 lbs (52kg)
  • veronicaraynexxx.com

Veronica Rayne may be retired from the industry, but that doesn’t mean that the legendary scenes of this gorgeous American Italian have dimmed!  Veronica was born in Newbury Port, Massachusetts and worked as a manager in a nightclub in her earlier years. While working, Veronica Rayne met with porn star Jack Vegas who happened to be the head of security at the nightclub. In 2005, at the age of 27, she moved to California to start her adult career. In august 25th 2008, Rayne and Vegas opened a very successful restaurant and lounge in Tazana named Oxygen.  

While this brown eyed beauty started focusing her career more on her business with Jack Vegas, her porn career ended in January 2010. During her stint in porn, Veronica appeared in approximately 180 scenes; 23 of those being with Brazzers!

NSFW: Click here to see Veronica Rayne in action at Brazzers.


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