3D Porn Movies Means 3D Bootys!

3D Porn Movies Means 3D Bootys!

By Olive Day on November 26, 2010

Admit it; you were so fucking excited during the almost 3D sex scene in Avatar.  You wanted that teeny blue ass to coyly rub against your 3D glasses. Mr. Cameron MUST have his hand in the pot in this trending futuristic porn experience because he is the one that sprung our imaginations to people doing it in 3D. Thankfully, the industry has heard the ominous chorus of what ifs? and If onlys… and have begun producing eye popping 3D pornos.

Imagine men and women across the world leaving their dark pitiful 2D jerk rooms and uniting hand in hand (please wash first) to flock to the nearest 3D equipped Peepshow (GET ON IT GUYS!!) to see fountain like man globs fly across the theatre. Imagine the money shot coming straight at you!!! You grab for it, it’s just 3D! Whoa, so crazy. I imagine that the millions of eager hands reaching out would get a little awkward for movie goers when huge tits and asses fly over the crowd like heaven sent wishes for millions, so before the shows I would advise composure.

Today the big news is that France has gotten Europe’s’ first 3D porn on demand station and last week’s news was the unveiling of the first 3D Blu-Ray porn film. So maybe my fantasy of global 3D porn induced unity will not happen exactly as planned, but the dream is still alive.  Yes, I am aware that everyone with an extra pair of 3D glasses left over from when you brought your kid to see that new Pixar movie is able to purchase and download 3D porn already, I just strongly believe that the world is certainly going to be a better place when hottie Nikki Benz is being viewed worldwide in 3D.

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