3DXSTAR: Say goodbye to 2D, 3D porn is here!

3DXSTAR: Say goodbye to 2D, 3D porn is here!

By Olive Day on June 02, 2011

Are you ever really bummed out that Phoenix Marie’s ass doesn’t rub against your face when you’re watching her latest porn scene? I know that’s something that pretty much makes me turned off every single time I watch porn. Unfortunately I’m not a pornstar, and I’m guessing you aren’t either, so we won’t ever have the real thing in front of us. Fortunately I think I’ve found the next best thing.

Is 2D porn not letting you be the ultimate voyeur you know you are? Are you ready to be more interactive with your favourite stars like Lexi Belle, Phoenix Marie and Ally Kay? 3DXSTAR is the revolutionary 3D porn site where you can watch the clearest scenes in high definition. This is the most intimate experience you can get aside from getting laid.

3DXSTAR is a pioneer, setting itself apart from other 3D porn sites thanks to its revolutionary polarized 3D compatible technology. If you’re not familiar with the name ‘polarized 3D’ you’re definitely familiar with the technology! All new 3D compatible computers, televisions and gaming devices come with these top of the line glasses.

Not up to date with all of the newest 3D gear? 3DXSTAR offers three incredible high quality 3D formats you can select from to watch the scenes. Hell, they’ve got them all! 

What it comes down to is that if you can find any sort of thing around your house that emits 3D technology, you’re going to want to get an account to this website because it’s amazing.

Once you’ve figured out which format is the best for you, check out the incredible trailers that are already up on the site. Lexi Belle’s super sexy and sleek video made me go gaga, at one point she tried to pull me into the action, but I had to work for another couple of hours so I sadly had to decline. I also looked a little silly trying to smack Phoenix Marie’s ass at my desk, but hey when the situation presents itself, you really have to try!

3DXStar will be adding a new category every month, two categories in July, uploading at least two scenes a month to each category. Think about how many 3D boobies that means!! Right now they have Pornstar and Teen categories giving any porn voyeur a massive selection to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Head over to 3DXSTAR today to join the 3D porn revolution!

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