5 More Pornstars Who Blog

5 More Pornstars Who Blog

By Olive Day on March 24, 2011

Many moons ago I wrote an article about blogging pornstars. Little did I know, (I didn’t know much about porn three months ago… Look at me now!) there are a lot of adult stars who express themselves through photos and writing online. Okay, well many of them are not really revealing their inner Einstein or tackling really intense world issues, but they’re all still really fun to read.

Bobbi Starr


 Type of Blog: Blog Roll/Personal Musings/Nerdy

 Favorite Entry: Butt Implants and Tax Deduction

 I live in LA. It’s a strange place where days in January hit 89 degrees (seriously, it felt like summer today), TMZ is considered a legitimate news source and plastic surgery for dogs seems like a good idea.

While the first two took some getting used to, I’ve never fully accepted and embraced the obsession with the third. It’s a constant in Los Angeles and no matter how strange or out-there the procedure seems, it’ll catch on. Vaginal “rejuvenation”? Very big. Pec and ab implants — for men? Why not? Asshole bleaching? Well, isn’t your browneye is just a little too brown?”

 James Deen


Type of Blog: Boobie & Vagina appreciation/ food talk/ Trophy Case of fucks

Favorite Entry: Bangin’ Ashi Orion

“Today I ate at Panda Express. Why does this place exist?  It was fucking nasty.  Never in my life have I eaten chinese food and thought,  why is this so slow?  Is there a way to make this more efficient?  If only there was an express version of this restaurant, that would be great!!!  I would totally sacrifice quality in order to get this food slightly faster.  Those thoughts have never been in my head.  Panda Express can suck my dick!!!!  In fact, worse than that,  Panda Express can quickly lick the toilet bowl after I vomit up all the nasty sodium filled chow mein.  Half of a nasty platypus titty… A SMALL deformed and nasty platypus titty.”

Misti Dawn


Type of Blog: Nerdy/Personal Musings/photos/awesomeness

Favorite Entry: Penthouse Feature! Sex with ladies!

“Question of the week to Michael. “you two seem like you have a very normal relationship but you both do porn how does that work?” His reply, “i’m crazy and I love watching my girlfriend get railed by other dudes” EPIC WIN for me. Suck on that Charlie Sheen. side note, so fucking tired of Charlie sheen jokes.”

Jessie Andrews


Type of Blog: Photo spam/Vaginas/ Smiles/Cute

Favorite Entry: There are 203 pages of Jessie Andrews photos therefore I cannot choose.

Puma Swede


Type of Blog: Naked pixxx/personal musings/travel journal

Favorite Entry: Yeay, the weekend is here J

“But I think the best thing so far this week was to go to a gun range and fire some guns. Mark from Wicked was kind enough to bring the SWENZ along :) Thank you Mark :)”

Camille Crimson

Type of blog: Vanity shots/blow jobs/fan questions/vlogs

Favorite Entry: New Vlog, Interview on The Writing Buddha and Featured article on She Love Sex

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