5 More Pornstars Who Game

5 More Pornstars Who Game

By Olive Day on August 30, 2011

Remember that YouTube video that was big a couple of years ago of that girl playing Wii in her underwear? It was fun to lust over a hot girl who was curved in all the right places bouncing along to a game that we all know too well. Actually, any kind of cosplay, gaming and comic book girl that’s remotely attractive I will, without fail, lose my cool if they are anywhere near. That’s why I’ve compiled a second list of pornstars who make me wet with nerdy lust. Be sure to check out the links for the full interviews with the girls on all things game!

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Jenna Haze


Do I like nerds? I am a nerd. I have shelves full of books at home about vampires and werewolves. And I always have my PSP with me. Right now I'm playing Jeanne D'Arc, which is just awesome. Also, I've got a PS3 and I'm dying for the new Final Fantasy to come out. See? I told you I was a total nerd. (gamrconnect)

Noa Torigoe


Noa isn't just a hardcore pornstar, but a hardcore gamer. Sure, lots of porn stars play video games, big deal, but how many Japanese people, let alone blue movie actresses, own an Xbox 360, reached Level 50 in Call of Duty: World at War two weeks after release and wax about the differences between Fable I and Fable II?

"I think because more and more Western games are getting Japanese releases," she blogged in 2009, "it seems like we're in an age where the game world is shared."

She's big on first-person-shooters especially, and even has her own blog dedicated to video games called "Head Shot Freak". in which she writes about games like Dragon Age: Origins and Borderlands. (kotaku)

Raven alexis


Raven Alexis is as beautiful as she is nerdy. She plays World of Warcraft for hours, builds her own computers, and codes her own adult website. Raven took some time out from her busy schedule of having sex on video for an interview, and here's an excerpt of it.

O.G.: Since the kotaku article (here) about you, gamers everyone have come to know Raven Alexis. What games did you start off with.

Raven: I started awhile back with my first game being Age of Empires. It was fun having my civilizations and complete control of my world. From there I went over to the Sims and did that thing for awhile. Then I jumped into World of Warcraft which is that game I’ve really stuck with and developed a love for it. I’ve been doing that for six years now.  (Original-Gamer)

Amber rayne


Do porn stars play videogames? Tell us what your videogame habits are?

Well in answer to your question of regards to do porn stars play videogames: I would have to say that more than half the industry is into Warcraft. Every single person I've ever met that's in the fetish industry is playing Warcraft, or some form of RPG game. I myself, I've actually played several consoles. I've played everything from the Nintendo, PlayStation, PC games. I love Halo, Assassin's Creed. I just got the new Assassin's Creed game for the PlayStation3. I love doing all the Final Fantasies especially, too. (gamerlive.tv) They have a good video interview about her gaming habits on their site

Tetra Patrick


Do you think the sex appeal involved with females in gaming is having a positive or negative impact on the gaming industry as a whole?

Tera Patrick:Totally positive! I mean we live in a society full of double standards and hypocritical paradox. I don’t understand why the ultra conservatives in America have a problem with a porn star being portrayed in a videogame. I mean, there is no nudity, and the game will be rated accordingly. I mean kids play games where senseless killing is ok (like Grand Theft Auto, or even BYW2), and no one questions people jumping off the roof and slamming someones face into an abandoned car, or shooting little old ladies! No one ever need kill anyone in real life, yet sex is something that everyone, except maybe Dick Cheney, will experience as a positive thing in their lifetime! People need to relax! I want to design and star in a real adult videogame! Let people get their sexual frustrations out! (bruce on games)

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