75 Orgasms in a Weekend

75 Orgasms in a Weekend

By Alpha Harlot on October 29, 2012

I like to set goals for myself sometimes.  A lot of the goals are unrealistic, but it forces me to work harder to get what I want and what I want more than anything is to cum.

This past Friday night, I was chatting online with one of my twitter friends when we decided that we would both cum as much as possible over the weekend.

“I'm going to try for fifteen,” he said.

“Fifteen?” I laughed,” I can do that tonight...I'm going to try for 75.”

“There's no way that you can cum that many times in a weekend.”

“Bet me and lose, sucker.”

And so it was decided that I would spend my weekend masturbating and cumming all over my apartment. 

Luckily, my pussy never gets, “don't touch me” sensitive and when I'm getting off, I'll have orgasm after orgasm without stopping, usually five or so in a row before I stop to rest. It's definitely a trick that's been useful for making my XTube videos for the past three years.

I started off slowly in the shower to pace myself.  Between the suction cup dildo that I had attached to the wall and the water flowing out of my detachable shower head, I knocked my first ten orgasms out with no problem. My knees were starting to get wobbly and the water was starting to get cold so I decided that a change of scenery was in order.

My apartment is kind of tiny, but I've strategically placed the furniture and hidden toys in boxes all over the place so that no matter where I'm sitting or standing, an orgasm is always within reach.

I went into my kitchen and hopped up on the counter, putting my feet in the sink.  My hand reached for the lid of my cookie jar and I pulled out a glass dildo and a pocket rocket. 

I leaned back a bit and started slowly searching for my G-spot with the dildo. 

As soon as I pressed the toy inside me the right way, I felt the orgasm start.  I fucked my tight hole hard till I was squirting into my morning coffee cup.  For whatever reason, once I have a squirting orgasm, I can only do three more.  I guess after a while my body just runs out of juice.

My weekend and the orgasms continued at that pace.  Sunday night at around 8 PM, I sent a message over to my twitter friend. 

“I'm on 69.  You want to hop on cam and help me with the last six?”

Ten minutes later, he got back to me, “I'm out with friends, can you wait an hour?”

“We'll see,” I teased.

I waited 45 minutes and he was online staring at my fingers in my pussy with his cock in his hand.

I came for him and then laid back, completely exhausted and sore from over use. 

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