87 Year-Old Woman Shoots 88 Year-Old “Cheating” Husband

87 Year-Old Woman Shoots 88 Year-Old “Cheating” Husband

By Miles Holden on November 14, 2011

The world is full of nut jobs; full of nut jobs with cheating husbands. Unfortunately, the world is also full of nut jobs who own guns. On the up-side, we also live in a world where 88 year-olds have enough game to nab themselves a little nookie on the side, or so the story goes…

A Missouri woman, Dorothy Desjardins, 87, was told by her hairdresser that her husband was "stepping out" on her with non-other than the woman holding sharp scissors to her head. Talk about being in a vulnerable position. This is not the way you announce to someone that you’re screwing their husband. For the love of God, put the scissors down first and give the lady a fighting chance.

Although considering what happened when Dorothy got home, all adulterers should take a page from this hairdresser’s book and make sure to be armed when telling someone you’re fucking their husband. Better safe than sorry, right? Because all that rage has to be aimed somewhere, and being the lady that she is Dorothy waited to be in the presence of her husband before unleashing it.

Dorothy’s husband, Peter Desjardins, 88, denied ever sleeping with his wife’s hairdresser stating that the only time he ever saw the woman was during Dorothy’s hair appointments. Good old Dorothy didn’t buy it though and continued pushing for the truth as she saw it; that her husband was a lying cheating piece of shit.

“After arguing in their living room, Peter retreated to the bedroom. Dorothy then “walked into the room with her walker, sat down on the bed that was next to his, and began to throw books at him.” After running out of volumes, she picked up his .22 Ruger and started “flinging the revolver around in the air” before pulling back the hammer and [firing] a shot.”

Peter, the octogenarian with the reflexes of a fox and the libido of Hugh Hefner, was struck in the forearm when he had the presence of mind to raise his arm to protect his face. Looks like God has a soft spot for adulterers after all, because had the gun been filled with regular ammo instead of birdshot (fine grain pellets) who’s to say his arm would have stopped the bullet from hitting a more important body part.

Dorothy, who was charged with felony domestic abuse, reportedly told the cops that she only “intended to scare the shit out of him” and “just went a little bit beserk” since “he was stepping out on me, and I just got pissed off.” Unfortunately for the old broad, “accidentally” shooting someone when all you wanted to do was scare them a little doesn’t stop a judge from throwing you in the slammer.

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