Kudos to Pornstar Keiran Lee’s Penis

Kudos to Pornstar Keiran Lee’s Penis

By Stefanie Saint on April 12, 2011

He introduced himself to us in (NSFW)The Merger’ with Veronica Rayne, he became the man with the line “Your pussy is like the black sea…never ending” to Diamond Foxxx and now he is the man who can lay claim to the most scenes ever on Brazzers. Today Keiran Lee’s 500th scene launches. And who else do you celebrate your 500th scene with than the one and only Lisa Ann? 

Five hundred scenes. What does that amount to? Let’s do the math. That’s a minimum of 500 pussies. Take into account that at least one-third of those were B/G/G scenes and we’re up to 666.6 pussies (the .6 may or may not have been a midget). With at least one-fourth of those scenes being girls that Keiran had already boned, we are down to 499.95 pussies (the midget that may or may not have been in a scene had a growth spurt). So if a pussy is coming at Keiran across the bar at 4mph and another pussy leaves the bathroom at 5mph, when will these pussies collide?

Ah fuck it. Pussy math. That hurts our brain. It’s a lot of fucking no matter which way you divide it.

Too busy for a sit down interview, Kieran’s response to how it feels to have shot that many scenes, was a brief, “I feel like the Muhammed Ali of porn…float like a butterfly, sting when I pee.”

We salute you and your fearless cock, Keiran Lee! We can’t wait for 500 more.

You have to see this to believe it; Lisa Ann and Keiran Lee in (NSFW) 'Love Boobies Need Loving.'

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