Adult App Mart Launches “Wonder Weiner” Android App

Adult App Mart Launches “Wonder Weiner” Android App

By Miles Holden on June 29, 2011

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner just keeps on getting money making offers that involve one of his favourite pastimes: showing off his dick. Adult App Mart has joined in the fun and has created an Android App that lets its users create wallpaper on their phones from any pic found in the app.

Presumably there are people out there that actually want to make Weiner’s dick shot their phone’s wallpaper. Why or who I have no idea, but there’s undeniably a growing interest in Anthony Weiner’s cock, because the job offers won’t stop coming out of the woodwork. Joanna Angel and Larry Flynt have both offered Weiner employment opportunities in porn and Adult App Mart has now extended a very generous money making offer to the disgraced politician.

Depending on Weiner’s financial situation it might be in his best interest to accept Adult App Mart’s offer and periodically update the “Wonder Weiner” app with pics of his shlong in exchange for residual income. Quinn, president of Adult App Mart, said “We’re excited to be able to offer this timely solution for Congressman Weiner to earn some extra income while he’s taking a break from politics, and entertaining other job offers.” He added, “We would be happy to give him developer access to enable him to update the app whenever he’s feeling up to it.”

If only taking pics of my dick got me so many job offers, I would be a happy man. I just didn’t think there was an interest out there for dick shots. Perverts DO have a place in this world. Hell yes, It’s a brand new day! There’s hope for people with good dirty minds and who have a penchant for taking naughty pictures of themselves. I might get my fifteen minutes of fame after all.

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