Adult Star, Maria Ozawa, To Star in B Horror Movie

Adult Star, Maria Ozawa, To Star in B Horror Movie

By Jacob Carson on November 29, 2010

Maria-OzawaIf you're a pornstar and can’t make it in mainstream Hollywood, then head on over to Indonesia. Just watch out for the firing squad. Indonesia is notorious for its conservatism, but that’s not stopping pornstars from hopping the border for a few cheesy horror films.

Adult Film Star Maria Ozawa, also known as Miyabi, was recently denied access into the country known for its canings, but hopped the border to have a small role in the horror film, The Ghost of Tanah Kusir, and then hopped right back out again before officials could even get their caning sticks warmed up.

Apparently, this is becoming the standard operating procedure for Indonesian filmmakers who recently sneaked Tera Patrick and Rin Sakurigi into the country and then moved them right back out again. Since it has already been filmed, if officials and conservative groups want to protest the film they have to make a public demonstration. This creates publicity for the film, which is never a bad thing.

It’s ironic that a country known for caning and other corporal punishments should keep out the very people who get paid to be spanked and flogged on a regular basis.

Ozawa apparently plays a reporter in the film who appears about ½ way through and has several scenes showcasing her perky “acting talents.” Porn has always been on the forefront of first amendment rights in the United States and now adult film actresses are working to give women more rights in a country laden with inequality towards women,

Who knows, maybe Indonesia is just one double penetration or money shot away to being more open to sexuality. They already seem to embrace S&M, so can kissing in public be far behind? Bless you Maria Ozawa for inadvertently creating a cultural revolution.

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