Another Pornstar May Lose her Job at a School

Another Pornstar May Lose her Job at a School

By Olive Day on March 30, 2011

Canada, can we talk? I thought you were pretty cool after reading Richard’s expose last night about the sex club that was started in Toronto to fulfill the gangbang fantasies of curious women. But after hearing about yet ANOTHER pornstar about to lose her job at a school in your ‘incredibly open minded’ province of Quebec (I’ve been there the French are sex crazy!), I don’t know what to think of you.

smantha_01.A 14 year old male has been suspended from classes after creating a threatening facebook page posing as the office assistant at Etchemins Secondary School in Levis, Quebec after discovering she had been moonlighting as porn star. Going by the name Samantha Ardente, the office assistant had appeared in the porn film Serial Abusers 2 which the teen had watched. The next day at school the teen asked Ardente for an autograph which she obviously declined and asked the boy to keep quiet about what he had seen. The boy then threatened to make a Facebook page in her name complete with lewd photos he had found of her on the internet.  As word of the Facebook page spread, Ardente had no choice but go to her employers and explain the awkward situation.

Louise Boisvert, the school board spokeswoman, confirmed that youth was suspended last Thursday because of the harmful threats he carried out. Administrators will meet with him and family members Monday.

While officials acknowledge Ardente did not do anything illegal, they believe that her racy off hour activities don’t agree with the values being taught at the school.


Ardente has worked for the school board since 2002 and at Les Etchemins school for the past two years.

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