Are Video Games Helping Porn go Mainstream?

Are Video Games Helping Porn go Mainstream?

By Jacob Carson on March 02, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Olive Day wrote an article about D-Dub, the nasty boys of the gaming industry, showing off their newest game ‘BoneCraft’ at the Porn Convention in Las Vegas in January  which got me thinking about the relationship between videogames and porn.

I remember when videogame sex was a little pixilated kissing and hugs that lasted a little too long, but today gaming is going into full out porn mode.  Mainstream companies are making sex the norm and virtual sex games are big business.

I remember how surprised I was playing God of War for Playstation 2 and having a three way inside of a ship. Sure  you didn’t see any actual sex acts, but the sounds let me pop my virtual three-way cherry. I know, lame, but a dude gets it where he can.

Today, companies have developed role playing games dedicated to sex and computer add-ons to make  virtual sex more real. Companies like Thrixxx and Utherverse are pioneering the way to make sex in cyberspace as interactive as sex in real life -- for those that actually get sex in real life.

The good news for all those horny men out there is that the new gaming revolution is getting the women interested as well. Whoohoo!! We are no longer relegated to chatting with 40-year-old men pretending to be girls.The key is the format that the games are taking. It’s not just about masturbating to naked people. The games are taking to account the wants and needs of women and incorporated them into the gamescape.

The bad news is because of the nature of the games, you are not going to find them on Amazon or Wal-mart anytime soon. Adult titles are still adult titles; they are just not stuck in the back room of the video store anymore.

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