Ashley Blue’s Pubic Hair Book

Ashley Blue’s Pubic Hair Book

By Jacob Carson on May 16, 2011

It’s safe to say that Ashley Blue is bearing all in a limited run of her new book "Girlvert: A Porn Memoir." This limited edition memoir will cost you a cool $200 and has a run of only 50 copies. A $200 limited edition pornstar memoir that chronicles her life in porn? You may ask yourself how could she possibly expect people to pay that much. The answer is pubes… A single pube actually.  

Ashley Blue is including a single pubic hair in every limited edition memoir.

Honestly, in an industry prizing bald vaginas, where did she find 50 pubic hairs? I have heard of women selling their girl juice soaked undies, but including a public hair with every sale? Now that is some pretty solid marketing! 

The only thing that troubles me about including a pubic hair is not knowing if some factory worker swiped out his or her short and curlies for Ashley Blue’s. Has she certified every strand? Is she the one sending out each limited edition pube book  personally?

Another thing I wonder is what does she want me to do with a single stray public hair exactly?  Put it in my pornstar pubic hair gallery? I usually go by a 10+ strand rule…. Besides, you can't really jerk off to it without a magnifying glass and that shit is tricky!

I know the publishing industry has hit some hard times with the inclusion of electronic books but I could think of some better giveaways than that. Maybe a bushel instead of just a hair? Also, that’s pretty fucking ballsy to say that a single strand of your pubic hair costs over a hundred dollars.

For those who don't want to spend the extra money on the pubic edition, a standard copy will be available as well. And if you’re really upset that you can’t afford the 200 dollar pubic hair version, you can just pluck on of your own pubes when you’re really drunk and tape it onto the jacket sleeve if you want to look like a big spender and impress all of your friends.

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