ASM Unveils Highly Anticipated Trailer for Alice XXX Cartoon Parody

ASM Unveils Highly Anticipated Trailer for Alice XXX Cartoon Parody

By Jacob Carson on May 19, 2011

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of CGI, Adult Source Media reveals the official trailer for their highly anticipated 3D CGI film, Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Animation Parody. The animated film that took more than a year to make, is an animated orgy of large breasted cartoon characters, men with weird hats and rabbits… Porn Rabbits make me feel a little bit uneasy.

I guess this coming of age tale about a drug trip gone bad was due for the porn treatment, but I was a little surprised by the animation twist. Then again, exactly how else would you give a caterpillar a hard on?

I have never been a fan of animated erotica unless you count jerking off to Daphne from Scooby Do as a kid...teen... and occasionally as an adult. What? Like you never! Alice in Wonderland  XXX is already topping the sales charts and hasn't even come out yet.

“I’ve been selling adult animation for 12 years and I’ve been fortunate to have represented the highest grossing adult animation films during that time, but I’ve never seen such demand for a title in this genre before.” Explains ASM Vice President of Sales John Amatucci. “Alice In Wonderland - A XXX Animation Parody has been the perennial number one selling title on the TLA Video sales charts. Considering those statistics includes all adult films being released, as well as the fact that the movie still hasn’t hit stores, just goes to show the demand for high-quality animation is thriving.”

 It does help that the voice of Alice is played by the gorgeous Jessica Drake!

Synopsis from site:

Alice in Wonderland- A XXX Parody, is a sexy medley of perverted hijinx that will enhance and expand your curious mind. Starring adult film Superstar Jessica Drake as the voice of Alice, you will be aroused and captivated by the sexual debauchery of Alice & her friends.

Strap yourself in for a journey that delivers a unique, erotic adventure for the ages!

The latest in Animated Erotica from Multi-Award-Winning animation studio, Adult Source Media.

For the NSFW trailer and more information on the film visit

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