Australian Airline Opts for an Orgasmic In-Flight Film

Australian Airline Opts for an Orgasmic In-Flight Film

By Olive Day on August 12, 2011

While the rest of the jet setting world has to sit through awful re-runs of The King of Queens and straight to DVD films like Labor Pains, Quantas Airlines’ from Australia is serving up a happy ending with their bagged nuts. “The SBS program The Female Orgasm Explained is available for viewing by all international travelers and features excerpts from old porn flicks, graphics and sound effects that would make conservative commuters squirm. Originally shown on SBS, the French film aims to assist viewers ‘understand the intricacies of the female orgasm’—and it seems many people are keen to learn.”

While the airlines spokesman was quick to tell that Orgasm Explained was the most popular documentary on its Edge channel, they also reassured concerned parties flying with minors that the crew is able to block the program upon request if they really don’t believe that this is quality programming for young folk. The airline is encouraging people to opt to watch the film with their children as a tool of sex education if they’d, “rather have their child grow up to actually know something about their own or their partner’s body.”

Obviously people have a problem with this, but it’s not the normal group (republicans) you would think… It’s the sociologists!

Dr. Michael Flood, a sociologist from University of Wollongong told, “I think it's great if children and young people learn about sexual pleasure because most children [are] only taught about the biology of sex. But I don't think this documentary is age appropriate and it's not designed as a sexual education tool. There's a growing sexuality in our culture and perhaps it reflects how sexual material is being made increasingly available."

To be fair, I do agree with Dr. Flood. While I encourage an early and open start in sex education, knowing how to get a woman off shouldn’t be on the top of the list…. Until that person is 18/legal age to have sexual relations. Then it’s incredibly important.

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