AVN Interview with Secret Spy, Agent 69

AVN Interview with Secret Spy, Agent 69

By Willow Monroe on January 24, 2012

Missed the AVN Award show last Saturday night? No worries. ZZinsider secret spy, Agent 69, dished out the goods on what went down at this year’s gala.  


Willow: What was your first impression when you walked into the AVN Award show?

Agent 69: That it really looked like an award show. It had a porn element, especially at the beginning of the show, in the opening act. They did this acrobatic type of choreographed dance. Bella Donna was phenomenal. She did these acrobatics with ropes in the air and she was just amazing. It was like she could be in Cirque de Soleil or something. The only thing that differentiated it from a regular show is that the stars performing were topless. I think it made it better (winks*).

Willow: Were there a lot of people there? Spot any main stream celebrities?

Agent 69: There were thousands of people there! Tons of fans and performers. But I didn’t see any mainstream celebrities.

Willow: What was most memorable about the AVN Award show.

Agent 69: Getting to see what the girls looked like in real life, getting to see them off  camera was really exciting. A lot of them are much prettier in person. The camera sometimes takes away from their beauty. Their films don’t do them justice.

Willow: Who was the best dressed.

Agent 69: I’d have to say Jessica Drake and Zoe Voss! They’re outfits were phenomenal. They were just hot. The dresses were form fitting. Their assets were really complimented by what they wore. Zoe went with black lace and chiffon and Jessica Drake was decked out in leather and spikes.

Willow: Who was the hottest girl? The hottest guy?

Agent 69: Keiran Lee was very well dressed and looked very handsome. But I have to say Manuel Ferrara was the hottest. He just had this cool sexuality about him. He’s just a confident sexual guy. Sunny Leone was really beautiful. She really took on the role as host. I can totally see her being a success the in main stream. It’s no wonder she was nominated for Best Crossover Starlet.

Willow: How do you think the AVNs compare to other award shows?

Agent69: I think it’s pretty consistent with most award shows.  There were nominations and small trailers. Then they had people present the award and the winners would give a small speech.

Willow: Any lewd acts during the show?

Agent 69: There was a bit of crotch grabbing. And Jesse Jane and Manuel Ferrara shared that were horny and going to go fuck. But that’s it.

Willlow: Who partied the hardest?

Agent 69: I’d say Xander Corvus. I saw him two or three days in a row and every time I saw him he was completely wasted! He won Best Male Newcomer so I think he had a lot to celebrate. Christina Rose lost her voice. It was hilarious because she went on stage four times and had this really raspy voice.  She was talking dirty but you couldn’t really understand what she was saying because her voice was so shot. You could tell she’d partied hard.

Willow: Final comments?

It was a great show! Everyone looked amazing. Alexis Texas looked really amazing. I was a little bit star struck when I met her.  And Brookln Lee had a really great attitude.  I had a great time and I can’t wait to go next year. 

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