Babe On The Beach: Rubbing A Stranger All Over

Babe On The Beach: Rubbing A Stranger All Over

By Alpha Harlot on September 12, 2012

She was sitting on the beach on a black towel that made the bright red of her tiny bathing suit pop.  I was walking behind the rest of my friends and said to her as I was passing by, “black attracts the sun, you know.  You'd be better off laying on a lighter colored towel.  You're going to end up burning if you don't put on any suntan lotion.”

She smiled at me and looked at me over her sunglasses, “I forgot my bottle in the car.  I'm totally going to be a lobster in an hour.” 

Being the kind and generous pervert that I am, I offered her some of our lotion, “We've got six or seven bottles between us, I'm sure that we can get you covered.  I'll even do your back for you.” I winked.

She thanked me and stood up.

Her body was even more amazing up close.  Her tits were big for her body frame and she looked a lot like Aleksa Nicole.  The fact that she had very little fabric covering her nipples and pussy lips just made her ten times hotter.

My friends were setting up the blankets when we walked over.  She introduced herself and I grabbed one of the bottles, squeezing the thick white goo into my hand. 

I started out innocently rubbing her shoulders and back but then I decided to get a little more daring and I told her to bend over so that I could do her ass (I'm subtle).  She giggled and grabbed her ankles.   This girl was going to be fun.

“I hope you don't think I'm rude,” I said, “but your ass is fucking amazing.”

I gave her a light spank with the last bit of lotion on my hand and she stood up straight and growled at me. “You're a feisty one, aren't you?”

My friends all laughed way more loud then was necessary and I turned bright red.

“Wanna do the front,” she teased, and turned around popping her chest out.  My friends giggled. Ten minutes ago she was a stranger on the beach and I had already rubbed her ass, spanked her, and I was about to grope her huge tits.  

“Nipples?” I asked.

“Are you guys getting topless too?”

“That was the plan,” one of my friends lied.

I pulled the two bows on her bikini top and it fell to the ground.  I reached my hands around and started massaging lotion onto her bare boobs.

“Mmmm,” She said as I tweaked her nipple, “you're good at this.”

“You should see what these fingers will do to a pussy,” I said. My friends laughed again and she smirked.

“Maybe I can check that out later,” she winked.  I was totally in and I knew that before the end of the day we'd be fingering each other in the ocean. 

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