Before They Were Pornstars: Diamond Foxxx

Before They Were Pornstars: Diamond Foxxx

By Olive Day on April 06, 2011



Before she was melting hearts on computer screens, Diamond Foxxx was volunteering as quite possibly the sexiest emergency medical technician in the world while married to her first husband. After their divorce, Diamond followed in the footsteps of her father who was very active in the navy and mother, who had served in the Marines by enlisting in the navy herself.  “I only served 11 months and 11 days,” writes Diamond Foxxx on her personal site, “I was discharged for having SEX! So, FUCK that. I went back home horny and alone. So, off to porn land I went!”

Judging by the photos we’ve gotten from Diamond, we can’t blame the lucky boy who Diamond had her way with and we really can’t blame Diamond either; the poor girl had turned 21 in boot camp! “(there was) no way I was not going to screw anyone I wanted!” While we’re lucky to have Mrs. Foxxx in the business as arguably the sexiest MILF in porn, we are very happy she was able to spend at least some time serving her country. I mean come on, doesn’t this whole story make for one of the best ‘how I got into porn’ stories ever?!


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