Before They Were Pornstars: Jessica Jaymes

Before They Were Pornstars: Jessica Jaymes

By Stefanie Saint on November 23, 2010


"Excuse me sir, cadet recruit Jaymes, J. requests permission to take my tray glass and utensils to the rack of culinary atrocity for a more expedient exit from this fine dining establishment!”

This is what teenage Jessica Jaymes had to say every time she finished eating.

For some reason it doesn’t completely take us by surprise that Jessica spent her formative years in a prestigious military school.  Nor does it take us by surprise that she was sent there for being a hell child that found trouble as easily as Ron Jeremy can find his stomach.

There is something in the way Jessica holds herself and the intensity she brings to a scene that reminds us of a well trained and oiled machine. Sometimes more oiled than others. Add that to her breathtaking body and face and we have a woman that can bring nations to their knees (possible WMD in the making?).

Jessica spent her NMMI (New Mexico Military Institute) years waking at 4:30am for drills, bracing for daily inspections and accepting her oft given demerits and marching tours for bad behavior. Even military men couldn’t keep her down. Jessica held the record for most tours marched – an estimated 300.

Jessica used to AWOL to Juarez, Mexico but all she would tell us about what she would do there is "get into serious trouble." We’re thinking a sleuthing trip to Mexico may be in order. Maybe we’ll invite Jessica and turn it a buddy road trip adventure movie. We’d call it The Wacky, Sexy Adventures of Saint Jaymes. We’re sure she’d say yes.

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