Before They Were Pornstars: Juelz Ventura

Before They Were Pornstars: Juelz Ventura

By Stefanie Saint on January 25, 2011

“I’m a natural blonde.” Said Juelz Ventura.

That particular sentence was met with an awkwardly long pause on our part and a slightly uncomfortable one on hers. When we managed to pull ourselves together we exclaimed, “Wanna see pics!” We’ve always been eloquent like that in the presence of Juelz like hotness.

We imagined that Juelz emerged into this world raven haired, fully tattooed and pierced. We couldn’t imagine a world where this firecracker looked like someone in a local church group. Still someone we would want to fuck – but not one that would leave us in a tangled heap of whatthefuckjusthappened.

Getting a glimpse of a seemingly innocent teenage Juelz is like staring at the sun for too long; glaringly beautiful yet completely unbalancing.


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