Before They Were Pornstars: Keiran Lee

Before They Were Pornstars: Keiran Lee

By Ron Ecstasy on October 31, 2011

What can you say about a guy like Keiran Lee? He’s one of the most ubiquitous male performers in porn. He seems to be literally everywhere. It’s hardly a Brazzers production without him. And would you want it any other way? Keiran has a lovable ability to goof around on camera that lends its self well to the crazy plots our writers come up with.

Everybody seems to like him; girls, fans, directors and everybody else in between. Of course I’m sure his giant cock doesn’t hurt, at least for the ladies.  In fact, Keiran got his start through his natural talent at wooing women. A crazy night out with his mates ended up producing a few photos of Keiran and a girl getting it on. Through the undying friendship of his bros, the photos made their way to a dating site where they soon attracted the attention of a porn director.

When Keiran first got the director’s e-mail he was shocked, could this be true? Or were his friends playing an elaborate prank on him? It was only after showing up at the hotel and boning the provided babe that he realized this was in fact legit.  Fast forward five years and here’s that star we all know and love.

But let’s all take a moment to look back at the young, pre-porn Keiran. Just a soccer loving guy working for Network Rail completely unaware of what lay ahead of him. Check out innocent Keiran in the gallery below

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  • On June 19, 2015, MrRankDog said...

    I Love This Guy.  He’s Got The Best Job On The Planet And Makes It Look Easy.  He’s Just A Great Actor AND Porn Star.  When I Die I Want To Come Back As Him.