Before They Were Pornstars: Puma Swede

Before They Were Pornstars: Puma Swede

By Olive Day on September 01, 2011

“I'm addicted to sex. No. All Swedish people love sex. Like a lot of girls, I started out with glamour modeling [nude], and then some spreads, then give me a toy, give me a girl, give me a boy... I first posed naked when I was 24." (lukeisback)

If you’ve watched porn, you’ve watched Puma Swede. Well, that may be a gross generalization, but I’m pretty sure it’s accurate enough. Before this gorgeous Swede was making us break a sweat with her incredible scenes, she was vogueing up a storm as the sweetest looking model you’ll ever lay your eyes on. These photos make her look like she’s made of sugar!

Working as a computer sales representative (hot right?) in Sweden, Puma started glamour modeling before moving into adult films. We’re happy that she’s found her way onto our computer screens and have kept us company on those lonely nights we needed some lovin’.

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