“Big Cock” And “Little Pussie” Energy Drinks

“Big Cock” And “Little Pussie” Energy Drinks

By Miles Holden on November 30, 2011

Las Vegas the only city that prides itself on knowing how to keep your dirty little secrets. I’ve never been to Vegas, which is too bad. You’d think that it would be a pre-requisite if you work as a sex blogger. From what I hear, it’s a wild place ready to fulfill your every fantasy. As long as those fantasies involve scantily clad ladies with big tits under the soft glow of multicolored neon lights, and let’s face it, most fantasies do.

Sin City is the home of many glorious things: gambling, circus shows, and more strip-clubs than any other place on earth. I hear they’re even going to open a sexed-up shooting range, but what you might not already know is that Vegas is also the home of Erotic Beverages: your go to company for “dirty” energy drinks. You know, when you’re in the mood for to drink down a “Big Cock” or a “Little Pussie.”

Sure the name of these drinks are marketing puns, there’s nothing dirty about them unless you think Cola and Passion Fruit (guess which is which) energy drinks are dirty beverages, which they kind of are if you think about it real hard (those things while rot your teeth, yo). And there’s nothing especially clever about featuring a picture of a rooster on “Big Cock” and a picture of a sexed-up kitty cat on “Little Pussie,” but who said anything about clever and who cares about healthy teeth when you’ve got sexy puns?

It’s Vegas, baby, where anything goes and you can drink all the Erotic Beverages your internal organs can take! So the next time you need to stock-up on some energy drinks for that bachelor party you’re planning visit Erotic Beverages to get your sexy pun time on and let the good times roll.

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