Bisexuality Proven By Scientists

Bisexuality Proven By Scientists

By Miles Holden on June 07, 2012

No offense, but scientists are weird. They spend months, years, and sometimes even decades proving things that are just common sense to the rest of us. What more do you need to know that bisexuality is real beyond the fact that some people swing both ways? Case closed, right? Not so much when you’re a dude in a white lab coat.

Sexuality and who you’re attracted to is a fluid thing. Even if you’re at the 100% percent hetero end of the scale, you’re attracted to all sorts of different kinds of women. There isn’t just one fixed type that does it for you. Hell, that’s why monogamy is such a bitch sometimes.

Hetero or gay, scientist or lay person, people just aren’t happy with the most obvious of facts. Bisexuality is real. Duh! But bi-folk continue to have a hard time of it, never fitting in at one extreme or the other. Even people in the queer community give them a hard time, but a recent study published online proves that some people really do swing both ways.

The test subjects were invited to watch some dirty videos (best study ever), while the response was monitored by genital sensors (less fun). The study showed that straight folk did not have a sexual response when shown sexy time videos of the same gender and that gay folk did not get all hot and bothered under the collar when shown videos of the opposite sex didlling themselves. Bi-folk however, gasp, were aroused by dirty videos of men and women, proving once and for all that bisexuality is real. Gawd, really? I hope no government funding was wasted on this. Otherwise, I want my tax dollars back. 

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