BJ’s No Longer a Felony in Louisiana

BJ’s No Longer a Felony in Louisiana

By Richard Johnson on July 06, 2011

Louisiana might be emerging once and for all from its prudish shell that many often associate with the Deep South. Sex workers offering up blow jobs and a little back door fun no longer need fear that they will be prosecuted as felons and required to register as sex offenders because Louisiana legislators have finally decriminalized "solicitation of crimes against nature".  Let’s all celebrate with legal BJ’s!

Laws prohibiting "Crimes against nature", more colloquially known as blow jobs and butt sex have been on the books for hundreds of years even before Louisiana became a state. But in 2005 the US Supreme Court decided that it wasn't any of the governments business regulating what consenting adults did under the covers. Thanks guys!

While Louisiana steps into the 21st century, for legal reasons that still mystify me seven states still have laws on the books prohibiting "crimes against nature" even though the Supreme Court have clearly stated that the rulings are unconstitutional.

While this bit of news isn't explicitly about porn, it is all about sex which I think we can all appreciate. On one hand it's nice to see that government is moving forward and making progress, but it's a little disheartening to see that they are so far behind the rest of us. Let's hope the future is filled with less prudes and more porn.

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