Blindfolded Sex Nightmare from Hell

Blindfolded Sex Nightmare from Hell

By Richard Johnson on August 22, 2011

Our parents have been warning us for years about online dating and meeting big bad scary people from the internet and for years we’ve never heeded their warnings. Well, most of us have, but there are a select few who haven’t.

A 19 year old New Zealand  male was “distressed” when he discovered the woman he just had a sexual adventure with was actually a man. Evidence once again that a mouth is just a mouth regardless of whether there’s a cock attached to it.

Claiming to have met the mystery woman on Facebook, the two decide to hook up at her hotel room. Upon arrival, the woman asked him to enter the hotel room blindfolded so they could get down and dirty without ever setting eyes on each other. It could’ve gone off in a hitch, but the boy took off his blindfold a bit early and discovers that the girl of his sexual fantasies is really a dude. 

All hell breaks loose and criminal charges were filed against the man who claimed to be a lady. During the investigation, police discovered that the man had booked the hotel on 300 separate occasions and had a collection of more than 20 pairs of men’s underwear.  Obviously things were not going to end well for the man who claimed to be a lady, but the rather stout 30 something dude suddenly and unexpectedly died of a heart attack laying the whole matter to rest rather poignantly.

Do you think he hooked up with just one person each time he stayed at the hotel? Did he manage to pull the wool over on all his trysts? What else have my parents been warning me against that I’ve steadfastly been ignoring?

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