Brazzers Pornstar Ava Addams Reveals Plans For Upcoming Boob Job

Brazzers Pornstar Ava Addams Reveals Plans For Upcoming Boob Job

By Ava Addams on May 23, 2012


Yeah I put a lot of thought in this blog ;)

Actually I did and decided to make it super personal. If you follow me on twitter ( or on Tumblr ( then you know I don’t hold back and am always upfront and honest with you guys.

So here goes, as I mentioned before I am taking another little hiatus from work and no, I did not get knocked up again! As we all know, I had massive natural boobies, when I got pregnant they got even bigger, after the baby, well, let’s face it, they aren’t what they once were. I miss having big boobs and pretty much knew from the moment I got pregnant that a boob job would be in my future. To be honest, I’ve always loved fake boobs and almost got a boob job in 2007 but my then boyfriend and my agent both talked me out of it. Actually even the Doctor was like “I will do it but you should wait till you are 30 and/ or have had a kid….well five years later both have happened and that amazing surgeon is going to work his magic to give me back what I once had and miss! I would have done this as soon as I had the baby but obviously that wasn’t possible. You can’t really lift anything for two to three weeks so I was waiting for the little man to be a bit more self-sufficient before getting the surgery. Yes, I have a date set, June 4th , and no, I haven’t decided on a size yet. I keep going back and forth to be honest. My agent and the DR both suggested the same size. My boob envy wants me to go bigger. Lol. Now I know this is going to bring lots and lots of comments and feedback.  Some of you are going to be pissed about this and others will be thrilled. In the end though, it’s not going to change my performances and hey, it may enhance them since I personally am thrilled and super excited about the new boobs. I should have a contest and have you guys rename them after the surgery. Maybe the winner can get a pass to my new upcoming members site. Oh yeah! That’s the other HUGE news. I’m the newest Danger Girl and am thrilled to be in such an amazing network with suck awesome girls! Oh and don’t worry ZZ fans, I’m pretty sure Keiran has already locked in my first scene back for y’all ;) 

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