Brazzers Spotlight: Facials

Brazzers Spotlight: Facials

By Willow Monroe on October 18, 2012

The facial is one of those porn phenomena that make my lady bits tingle every single time. All that sticky white cum splattered on a wanton, horny face, makes my cooter wetter than an otter’s nose. Thankfully, the Brazzersverse is ripe with this exact creamy goodness. But not all facials are created equal, and not every girl knows how to take a money-shot in the face with an eager smile. In order for a facial to be truly hot, the girl’s keenness for spunk needs to be apparent. And if she rolls it around her mouth a little once she has it, all the better. Below are some hot scenes that end in facials that are truly out of this world. Who you think is the best star when it comes to taking cum all over her pretty face.


5. Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Boob

Aletta Ocean

Aletta is about to start her fifth boxing class when her coach Keiran Lee starts bringing her down and telling her to switch sports. According to Keiran, her big tits seem to be the problem... She insists on continuing the class and teaches coach Keiran a valuable lesson... Don't insult her big tits!!!

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 


4. I Love Substitute Teachers

Kylee Strutt  

When Kylee and the girls learn that they have a substitute teacher, things turn wild in class. Kylee incites everything by dancing and stripping on her desk!Mr.Hack can't control the girls as papers start being tossed around, girls making out with each other, just all out debauchery!Mr.Hack decides to put his foot down starting with the ring leader Kylee!He shows her how girls who want to strip and flash their tits get treated!Kylee learned a real hard lesson today but took it to the chin very well.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 


3. Walk It Off

Rachel Starr

Johnny's friend is allowing him to crash at his place, while he gets back on track from getting fired at his job. The only thing is his friend has a big problem and becomes a little to aggressive with his wife Rachel. When Johnny protects her while they are fighting his friend becomes mean towards both of them. Rachel becomes extremely frightened of her boyfriend and begs Johnny to stay and give her some extra protection.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 


2. Stretch Pants And Pulling Groins

Jenni Lee 

Jenni Lee is working hard at keeping fit. Her morning stretches have gotten a little over zealous. After pulling her groin, she needs Johnny to pay a house call with his massage table, oils, and cock.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 



1. Filthy Christy

Christy Mack 

Christy has fantastic curves. Nothing will attract your eyes more then her big butt. And then, when she gets all oiled up, things get really serious. Her shining butt is simply begging you to be fucked! Next thing you know, she's down on all fours screaming for hot juicy anal action!

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 

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