Brazzers Spotlight: Football Fantasies

Brazzers Spotlight: Football Fantasies

By Willow Monroe on January 31, 2013

I used to play a bit of touch football back in the day with some of the neighborhood hotties. It was me, this babeliscious Latina chick, Maria, and some hunky dudes whose names I can no longer recall. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I’m a wee bit on the competitive side. Well, more than a bit, actually. What can I say? I like to win! But sometimes, I go a bit over board. Like this one time I aggressively intercepted a pass, and elbowed poor Maria in the boob so hard we had to bring our game to a halt and take her home. I felt so bad that I offered to stay and help her get into her house, get cleaned up, and ice her injury. Well, somewhere between washing her hair and soaping her back, things got a little heated, and Maria’s sweet pussy ended up under my fingers and in my mouth. I made her cum three times before her boyfriend showed up and fucked us both. Ever since, I can’t watch a football game without getting a little wet. Needless to say, Super Bowl weekend has become one the hornier times of the year for me.

 With the big game coming up this Sunday, I can already feel the old itch creeping in. It’s an itch I’ve been both easing and feeding with a hearty dose of football fantasies at Brazzers. Below you’ll find some of my all-time fave porntastic plays inspired by Americas favorite game. Check them out, watch the trailers, and let me know which of these scenes is your fave. 



Super Hole XL VII

Bonnie Rotten & Lolly Ink

The day has finally come. The ultimate showdown. These big-hearted, big-titted teammates are going to win the coveted Super Hole trophy, and when they do, they're going to show Coach Keiran their appreciation if it takes every drop they've got.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 

Punt That Cunt!

Erin Marxxx

BFL's star punter, Erin, has just come back from vacation...and she's lost her punt-kick! Coach Levi tries to get her back on track, but it ends in disaster when, instead of kicking the ball, she smokes him in the face! Frustrated at her lack of skill, he pulls her into the change-room and shows her just how to get her aim right

NSFW: Watch the trailer here


Fuck Football

Jayden Jaymes

Jayden isn't that great at football but needs to win! She hates losing and will do anything to stay on top. What's a little cock sucking and pussy pounding when a game is at stake? 


NSFW: Watch the trailer here


Suck On My Footballs

Kayla Paige & Capri Cavanni

Everything was going fine, Johnny and his team were practicing for the big game, and were almost ready. Trouble was brewing though. The girls from the lingerie league needed the field also, and refused to give up their side for anyone. So after a "friendly" game of touch football, Johnny made sure that these girls would always be nice to him and his team in the future, by giving them the gift of big dick. 


NSFW: Watch the trailer here


The Big Game

Eva Angelina & Bridgette B & Alanah Rae & Nicole Aniston 

With the Big Game just around the corner. Brazzers thought it would be best to inform the people who are unaware of the rules and conduct of American Football. Let Brazzers be your guide so you can enjoy one of the biggest yearly sport event, and enjoy the beauty of the vivacious Brazzers girls. 


NSFW: Watch the trailer here 

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