Brazzers Spotlight: Fuck TheTeacher Fantasies

Brazzers Spotlight: Fuck TheTeacher Fantasies

By Willow Monroe on February 21, 2013

 It seems everyone I know, whether they be a dude or a chick, has that one teacher from either high school or college they always wanted to fuck.  In my case, that fantasy became an actual thing that went on for two years. Professor D, who taught Creative Writing classes at the local college, was twice my age and married but also had a big dick and a penchant for sex in strange places that left me endlessly wanting more. We did it in parking garages, a museum, a church, on top of a mountain, and driving along the freeway at breakneck speeds. He ate my pussy like a pro and was the first man to give me a g-spot orgasm. Professor D taught me a lot, including a thing or two about writing. Needless to say, the affair ended badly when his wife found us naked together in their pool one sunny summer afternoon and proffered me this final lesson; never get involved with a married man unless his wife is game to play too.  At any rate, scholarly types still get my juices flowing, and fuck-the-teacher porn scenarios are majorly hot. Below you’ll find some the best ones Brazzers has to offer, though the cream of the crop has to be the Ava Addams scene. Which porn star teacher do you most want to fuck?

Feminist Fatale

Sadie Swede 

Sadie is an instructor of more than a few feminist courses at the local community college and her studies have taught her to be more than just a little suspicious of men in any situation. When David is called into a meeting with Swede, he quickly discovers that it was a ruse to determine if he had ulterior motives. 

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 


Titty Fucking the Teacher

Lezley Zen 

Xander is one bad motherfucking student. All he likes to do is party and get bad grades. Oh, he also likes to antagonize Miss Zen, his teacher. But today, Lezley is sick of his bullshit, and she's going to show him who's the boss. She's going to teach him some serious manners by sucking his dick and fucking him silly.



NSFW: Watch the trailer here 


A+ For Jerking Off

Devon Lee 

Mrs Devon is correcting exams and takes a break to the bathroom. However, she is out of luck because the girls bathroom is out of order and has no choice but to sneak into the boys bathroom. While she is peeing she overhears some funny noises coming from the stall beside her. When she notices its her student Jordan jerking off she gets extremely upset because he is focusing more attention on jerking off over porno then he does over her.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 


Dangerous Minds With Dangerous Dicks

Lisa Ann 

 Lisa Ann volunteers to teach men in federal prison, so they can get their diplomas, and get a second chance when they get out. She also doesn't realize that dressing like a skank around men who haven't seen a women in God knows how long will get fucked three ways to Sunday. Lisa Ann teases the prisoners with her slutty attire till they lose and release a gang bang of epic proportion on her.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here


Porno Side Job

Ava Addams

This is a monumental day for Jordan because he has some amazing nude pictures of his astrology teacher. His classmates are blown away by the size of Ms. Adams nipples. They are all quietly observing the pictures in their textbooks during the lesson but when Ms. Adams checks on their progress Jordan isn't fast enough and gets caught with the pictures. Ms. Adams is so flattered that she gives Jordan what he's been fantasizing about all day. Huge tits in his face.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here 

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