Brazzers Strokes Its Wood on Golf Day

Brazzers Strokes Its Wood on Golf Day

By Chase Dougall on April 10, 2013

If you’ve ever played golf, or know any golfers, then you’re aware this gentlemanly sport, despite its complicated etiquette and trademark “golf clapping,” encourages misbehavior like no other. If you think about it, the game often called the Sport of Kings was invented by Scottish rogues, and perfected by dudes as an excuse to shoot the shit and drink in the middle of the day. And so, is anyone surprised to know golf players on the PGA Tour are some of the most badly behaved boys in sports? From all accounts, these guys are basically rich frat boys strutting around in sponsored polos.

 The hush-hush that protects debauchery on the PGA Tour only encourages the legends and rumors that emerge from the hectic tournament seasons of golf pros. Just like “puck bunnies” sitting rink-side, or “court hoes” following the NBA, untold numbers of golf-groupies bubble up around the edges of weeklong tournaments on the best courses in North America. The honeys looking to snuggle up next to golf legends and taste greatness for a night are jokingly called the “Nineteenth Holes”. Even better, snagging a quick blowjob from a hottie in the groupie-pool is known as hitting the “water trap”. Golf gleefully proves the rule that wherever the bad boys go, the loose women are sure to follow.

 Sitting fat and happy on his throne as the baddest boy in golf, champion player John Daly has broken all the records and all the rules. The PGA Tour recently released a whopping 456-page file on the countless infractions, fines, and penalties this lifelong rascal has incurred in his career. It’s hard to decide who gets topless more often, John or the frisky fan club that seeks him out at tournament parties. Legend has it one of his ex-wives even installed cameras on John’s tour bus to discourage groupies coming on board.

 But the crucial difference between John Daly and the other bad boys of golf, such as the rampaging Casanova Tiger Woods, is that John broadcasts his rowdiness, where his peers hide their misdeeds like a hickey under a blanket of their mistresses’ concealer. In Tiger’s case, news of his insatiable sexual appetite broke in 2009 like a tidal wave. Though it appears the scandal that took the public by surprise had been long known by golf insiders. We’re happy to report two of Tiger’s many mistresses, a long list of incredibly sexy women that included nightclub managers, models, and strippers, were Brazzers porn stars Joslyn James and Holly Sampson.   

 In honor of April 10th, National Golf Day, we’d like to highlight some of our recent master-strokes, a handful of scenes that take golf’s reputation for sex and mischief to the next level. If you can’t make it out to the links today, then the best way to celebrate this holiday is to choke up on your wood and practice your strokes!


Golf Bunny Fuck

Golf is a delicate sport and Charisma seems to have the edge over learning it the hard way as she proves she can learn it fast. This is a day on a driving range and also a tell all interview of her life story, she ends it all by delivering a cum squeezer as she has her best performance ever - described in her own words as the best sex of her life. Enjoy.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here


Throat My Cock and Fix My Golf Shot

Barry Scott needs help with his golf swing. He has booked an appointment with swing specialist Angelina Valentine. She fixes a lot more than Barry's swing. She brings Barry to a new level of sexual experiences. She's down for some slamming.

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Daddy's Little Golf Girl

Tanya's taking golf classes from her daddy's friend Billy. Everything's going well until a flying ball lands in between Tanya's huge titties. Although she isn't hurt, she asks Billy to massage the area. And he offers his 9 iron to heal the pain.

NSFW: Watch the trailer here

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