British Scouts Launches First Sex Ed. Program

British Scouts Launches First Sex Ed. Program

By Olive Day on April 06, 2011

Scout groups in the UK inducted a Sexual health program to the long list of Scout activities this year. I can only imagine what this badge would look like! The program of activities entitled ‘My Body, My Choice” will be made available for the first time this year designed for young adults ages 14-18 of both sexes in attempt to curb STI’s in the UK. According to the BBC, Health Protection Agency figures showed that the UK had the highest percentage of STIs and adolescent pregnancies in all of Europe which had sparked a debate about the quality of sexual health education young people were receiving.

Bear Grylls, aka that dude who drinks his own pee on TV and Chief Scout says the program is all about empowering the young adults with sex health information to be sure they are making “smart decisions” about their relationships. "We want to help young people become confident, clued up and aware," says Grylls, "My message is - make your own mind up and don't let others do it for you. We only get one body - so respect it - and people will respect you."

The My Body, My Choice program is said to include a game where young people can ask questions anonymously to thwart misunderstood information they may have learnt from friends or uneducated family members, a condom quiz and a STI card game which I really hope is one of those memory games because that would be so gross and awesome.

With the announcement of the new and quite frankly surprisingly open minded program from the Scouts Association comes another way to prevent sex education. The national association has said that although all scout groups will be given material for the course, in the end individual scout leaders can choose whether or not to run the program.

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