Burglars Help Police Nab Pedophile

Burglars Help Police Nab Pedophile

By Miles Holden on October 13, 2011

Thieves can bust crime too!

Out in Delhi, California, just outside Route 99 two petty thieves broke into a barn and stole over 50 CDs in the hopes of making some cash on the re-sell, which let’s face it wouldn’t make you much money these days. Who buys CDs anymore? (editor’s note: I still buy used CD’s at the record store)

Anyhow, the two burglars found about 30 CDs worth of child porn among their loot, and these two upstanding citizens were so disturbed by what they found that they marched their asses to the cops and confessed their crime.

If this story wasn’t amazing enough already, the dude who got robbed, Kraig Stockard had reported the CDs stolen! I mean, how big of an idiot was this guy? You don’t go to the cops when your collection of child porn goes missing, you hunker down and hope to god your disgusting ass doesn’t get busted. But thankfully for the population at large, Stockard wasn’t one of those bright pedophiles and his own stupidity helped get his ass behind bars.

The two thieves, one 19 year-old and the other a juvenile weren’t arrested for their crime, since everyone involved agreed that they had committed the lesser of two evils.

Let’s hear it for thieves and their sense of morality!

It’s not everyday burglars can say they helped bust another criminal. And let’s face it, I’d rather have a pair of young thieves running around free than a child porn aficionado. Those cops had it right when they decided not to bust the two kids in favor of the bigger evil. Gold star for everyone involved. Except Stockard, who I hope rots in jail. Forever.

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