Carney Gives Children Blow-Up Sheep Sex Toys At Carnival.

Carney Gives Children Blow-Up Sheep Sex Toys At Carnival.

By Olive Day on January 04, 2011

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that  last weekend while everyone was celebrating the New Year, a 7 year old New Zealander was awarded a Blow-Up Sheep equipped with a hole to get your ewe on at a local carnival.

This rather loveable and coy sex toy was wearing a modest French maid’s bonnet and has rather charming long blue eyelashes. Her mother allowed the girl to bring home her spanking new prize only to realize the next day, in front of her daughter’s grandma and grandpa, what the sheep’s real intentions were.

"When she walked in here with it I thought, 'What the hell?'” Recalls the mother of the now sheepless 7 year old, “I was mortified. I can't believe they'd give that away as prizes. Not to a little kid."

After alerting the Carnival owner and the press, the mother began worrying about all of the other children she had seen walking around the carnival with the identical erogenous sheep, "you can't tell me they didn't blow that up and see what it was," she says.

When contacted, the owner of the carnival admits that using the sheep as children’s prizes was a mistake adding that they had been included by his 78 year old father who had been running that particular stall.

"They were meant to have been burned years ago," he said. "I'll deal with it. That won't happen again."

The owner encourages the young girl to bring the sheep back to the stall to receive another prize. I really don’t understand why bringing it back would be necessary but I’m assuming that these sheep are in fact his fathers.

The mother plans to tell her daughter that the dog has mauled the sheep to be sure her daughter does not suffer any more traumatic incidences.

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