Christina Hendricks’ Breasts In a Video Game

Christina Hendricks’ Breasts In a Video Game

By Ron Ecstasy on October 19, 2011

This is about ethics dammit! Is it right or is it wrong? How big should tits be? And how big should they be in video games? We have uncovered a dark and troubling dilemma, one that will probably be encountered over and over again in the coming years. Can we make real people's boobs smaller in video games than real life?

As video games scratch and claw at ways to dumb down game-play without adding compelling storylines, they have but one increasingly popular tactic to cling to. Digitizing celebrities into games in lieu of creating content that’s actually interesting. Of course, we’ve been doing that for a long time. But now that games have come to a point that big stars can be integrated into gaming story-lines,  it seems the question of physical reproduction has come into play. At least when it comes to tits.

Gaming rags have recently been reporting about the above image, mostly bitching that Mad Men and Drive star Christina Hendricks’ breasts aren’t as big or puffy in the new Need for Speed as they are in real life. The bosoms in question do appear to be smaller, at least than when  they appear in red carpet shots.

Maybe I’m only saying this because it’s Wednesday, but who cares? If you’re playing the new Need For Speed to see a digitized version of a mainstream TV actresses tits then I’m pretty sure you’re into this game thing for the wrong reason. Might as well go play God of War and watch some white painted freak rape people. But what I find more depressing is that otherwise sophisticated gaming publications seem to care.

Yeah, we all kind of know it already; video games have gotten dumber and easier to play in the last decade. While at the same time game reportage has gotten more sophisticated and critical. I can’t help but think that this is kind of a non issue, especially when Hendricks’ lines are relegated to cut scenes. Though there is a bright side to the general decline of gaming, the voice acting gets better.


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