Company Surprisingly Loses Clients after Holding Sex Party for Sales Reps

Company Surprisingly Loses Clients after Holding Sex Party for Sales Reps

By Olive Day on July 18, 2011

Anytime I read about a boss gifting sex or a sex toy as a gift to their workers I first feel a pang of jealousy then an overwhelming anxiousness sets in as I imagine what their daily work days must be like if their bosses are so open about sex. Seriously, these places must be an HR’s wet dream. In this case of oversharing with workers, an Insurance company named Ergo lost several hundred customers after news broke of a sex orgy, paid for by the company, which had taken place in Budapest between Insurance sales representatives and prostitutes at the historic Gellert health spa in Budapest, Hungary.

These guys were treated to an all expense ($116 540.30 U.S.) paid trip to the luxurious Gellert thermal baths as an incentive trip for the most successful sales reps in the company. Seriously, talk about motivation! I bet these guys were going above and beyond to sell their insurance packages.  One lucky participant told a Budapest newspaper that, Anyone could go to one of the beds with one of the ladies and do what he wanted. The ladies were marked with stamps on their forearms after each such meeting. So it was recorded how often each lady frequented. The ladies wore red and yellow wrist bands. One group were there as hostesses, and the others were to fulfill any and every desire,” he added. “There were also ladies with white wrist bands. They were reserved for the board and the very best salesmen.”

The Head of Ergo the insurance company, Torsten Oletzky, told news magazine that the orgy was a part of a three day getaway for their top guys and was unwilling to go into more detail at the time, "as we are still investigating what happened."

While Ergo hit headlines earlier this year, the company was hit with yet another blow (but not like the fun ones enjoyed in Hungary) when thousands of customers pulled out of their insurance. In fact, many were charged with significantly higher administrative fees than their contracts had promised. I guess this company is playing dirty on all accounts…  You can write your own pun to end this article, I’d feel too filthy writing the one I have in mind.

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