Congressman Proposes Tax on Online Porn

Congressman Proposes Tax on Online Porn

By Jacob Carson on February 22, 2011

He may seem like a super villain to underage High School boys and online porn sites, but Jim Matheson kind of has an interesting idea. (As interesting as incredibly inflated taxes can be.) Utah Congressman Jim Matheson has proposed to put at 25% tax on porn sites along with special age verification software. The tax will go towards the enforcement of the software much like those used for people selling tobacco and alcohol online. Jim claims that brick-n-motor stores are taxed for their goods, so why shouldn’t online porn sites.

"Historically (pornography) has been age-restricted at a point of sale that's a brick-and-mortar store. For us to assume that since it's on the Internet that we should ignore it is wrong. As a society we've already made a decision that we want to restrict sales to a certain age," says Jim to Utah’s Deseret News, "I think it’s incumbent on us to not throw up our hands and say, 'Oh my gosh, it's such a dispersed problem — there's nothing we can do.' Well, let's look at what we can do, make some progress. It may not get to the finish line, but let's make some progress.

I personally think that taxing porn would be like trying to count the stars in the sky. Taxing Internet businesses has been a popular subject in Congress since the Internet first began to develop. They want money any way they can, and if that means charging to yank your wank Jazy Berlin, then so be it.

The reason that it has failed isn’t because of a lack of trying. It’s simply been too difficult to monitor and enforce taxes on the millions of websites houses in different states and countries. Thank goodness. The day I am taxed for looking at boobies on the Internet is they day my income will be cut in half.

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