Corbin Fisher Gives Illegal Downloaders One Last Chance, Comes Off As Assholes

Corbin Fisher Gives Illegal Downloaders One Last Chance, Comes Off As Assholes

By Jacob Carson on January 26, 2011

Media conglomerate, Liberty Media, has never been shy about its hatred for online piracy. But now the company’s subsidiary, gay adult site CorbinFisher, has decided to change tactics.  No more back door litigation; CorbinFisher is skipping the source and going straight to those dirty downloaders getting off to their porn for free. But for a limited time they are offering amnesty in exchange for a little cash.

The deal is simple. Anyone that has illegally downloaded CorbinFisher content from BitTorrent has 14 days from February 8 to throw themselves at the mercy of the company. Or have a $1000 they can throw at the company. Talk about getting the shaft.

“Despite the fact that these people are stealing from us, we wanted to give them a chance to admit their mistakes and move on,” said Brian Dunlap, Corbin Fisher’s COO. “Therefore, we are offering this limited period where we will resolve these cases quickly and cheaply.”

Not to worry, those who pay up will also receive a year’s membership to their site so they can masturbate legally without the weight of a conscience slowing down their wrist.

Liberty Media is quick to point out that they already have a list of thousands of torrent users who will be targeted in the first wave of lawsuits. They were also quick to point out a seriously questionable ‘agreement’ of $250, 000 with a man they sued for piracy earlier in the year.

Feel that shiver of piracy fear yet? If that was the actual settlement Liberty Media should be doing cartwheels over piracy. We have to hand it to them; this is a great way to make money from porn downloaders. Rule by fear, paranoia, and suspicion. With no way to know if your name is on the target list, the company stands to make a few bucks on upcoming confessions.  

Looks like some fans of CorbinFisher will really be taking it up the ass.

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