Cuddling Researchers Uncover Suprising Results

Cuddling Researchers Uncover Suprising Results

By Richard Johnson on July 19, 2011

New research goes against nearly everything we know about sex and men and women by suggesting that cuddling is more important to men then to women, at least in long term relationships. That’s right; men like to cuddle more than women if this study is to be believed. My girlfriend and millions of others will beg to differ!

The researchers studied the survey responses of 1,000 couples located in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Spain that had been together an average of 25 years.  The study, which will be published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior Journal, uncovered several stereotypes that are just dead wrong.  The survey found that women tend to be more satisfied with their relationships as time goes on, especially once their relationship matures past 15 years.  Also revealed in the survey is the fact that Japanese couples are significantly more satisfied with their relationships then other nations, and even more telling that Japanese men are more than twice as sexually satisfied in their relationships than other nationalities.  The researchers aren't clear on why the Japanese appear so satisfied, the questions were either lost in translation, or the Japanese clearly have their shit figured out.  I have a feeling it might be all that kinky porn that Japan is so famous for.

Conventional wisdom is a dangerous thing since usually there are few facts to back it up, and this survey highlights the point.  Apparently men prefer kissing and cuddling more than getting laid, and the Japanese are the least sexually frustrated of us all, go figure.

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